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KaufKauf Shoppingmanager™
Never again forget something!



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Now available here: the KaufKauf Shoppingmanager™ - of course completely free!
  • Manage your home stock and inventory online
  • Easy and comfortable management of all used products
  • Automatic generation of shopping lists
  • Shopping lists can be accessed via mobile phone
  • Monitoring and control of best before dates and notification via E-Mail or SMS
  • Product inventory and shopping list accessible via cellphone
  • Software completely usable via touch display (e.g. by using a Panel-PC mounted in your kitchen)
  • Fast and easy recording of products and inventory via barcode scanner
  • and last but not least: you save money because shopping can be done more single-minded due to the exact and detailed shopping list now!
Have you also experienced that? You are in the supermarket, find something where you think you don't have enough of it at home and take it with you? At home you determine: that idea wasn't new, meanwhile you have it several times and you now own enough from this product for the next years...

Or even better: You are back from your shopping tour, take a look into your larder just to find out you forgot something important where you did not recognize before it is out. After it is an important product you can start the complete tour again...

Or the annoying version: You are looking forward to have a bag of chips for your TV evening, are absolutely sure there must be at least one, you find it ... and it is outdated, you can't eat it any more.

All these things don't have to happen any longer: using the KaufKauf Shoppingmanager™ you can automate all the steps and operations for managing your inventory. This system is able to keep information of all your stock and inventory. As soon as you take something out of the stock that is required it is put to your shopping list automatically. And if you want to have a look what you currently own that is also possible online or via mobile phone - so practically you can have a look into your larder from anywhere just to find out what is in there! And if there are some products near its best before date you get a warning - early enough to use them up. So KaufKauf is much more than only an automated shopping list, it is an extensive shopping guardian!


  1. At home you check your inventory once and store it using the KaufKauf-Software
  2. Afterwards you simply use then same software every time you used up something or everytime you bring goods home from shopping
  3. Using these data the KaufKauf-Software automatically creates a list of products that have to be bought text time; here you of course can decide if some products don't have to be listed every time or starting from which threshold they have to be put into the list
  1. This shopping list can be printed out at home or you can access it directly from within the supermarket using your mobile phone - the big advantage of the second possibility is that the list reflects the very latest state, so you can see products there that have been used up during you have been on the way to the market
  2. If you find an attractive special offer where you do not know if you really need that specific product, you can use your mobile phone to check the current state - and to find out how much pieces of that product you currently own
To use the KaufKauf Shoppingmanager™ not very much is needed: an Internet-capable computer (which doesn't needs to be turned on all the time, that's what we're doing for you!) and a printer and/or a Internet-capable mobile phone.

Management of your products is done really simple: the easy to use KaufKauf-Software - where you can see a screen shot right beside here - also supports barcode scanners, you can use to scan the codes of your products, completely without the need to enter them all manually!

The collection of known barcodes and the collection of your specific barcodes is growing continuously so that the usage of the KaufKauf Shoppingmanager™ becomes more and more comfortable over the time!

And for technically interested people there is the possibility to run this application on e.g. a Panel-PC that can be mounted within your kitchen or larder. This PC can be used very simple via a touch display. To do that we offer a fully configured Linux system that is optimized and prepared to run on such a Panel-PC: details and more information about that system can be found here.

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